You landed your soul mate, got the ring, and have deleted (or are planning to delete) your online dating accounts. Now comes the fun part—planning the mother of all shindigs to celebrate your love.

If you're new to the engagement game and have time to plan, we recommend you start with a few of the blog posts and items below. Get a feel for timelines, what's available, pricing, customization, and where and how to find inspiration to create a wedding and day that is uniquely your own.

Our advice? Solicit input from others, but go where your heart and gut tell you. That holds true for both marriage and wedding invitations.

Zoey's tip:

Staying Organized is the
key to your sanity

This countdown calender is the perfect starting point for your planning.
Print it off, laminate it, memorize it, post it on the bathroom mirror
and/or by the coffee pot. From this list, all things shall flow.

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Let's get this party started

It all starts with the perfect invitation. And you'll know it's perfect when you see it for yourself.

Try Before You Buy

Inspiration & ideas

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Okay so this isn't about wedding planning, per se, but it's still important.

Make the Perfect Moscow Mule

So many cute, fun, awesome, funny, thoughtful products. Where to begin?? Here are a few of our favorite things: