Celebrate Gold Glitter Acrylic Cake Topper

Gold. Glitter. Cake topper. Need we say more? Our Celebrate Gold Glitter Cake Topper can be used in your wedding cake decoration, as a birthday cake topper, as an anniversary cake top, the list goes on! Whatever your reason for celebration (and cake), a little glitter always makes for more fun. Just FYI: We've tested, scratched and tried to pry off the flecks of glitter and we're happy to report that it passes the test; that glitter is definitely staying put on the cake topper.
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Product Dimensions: 8.38" w x 6.10" h x 0.15" d
Materials: 100% acrylic
Features: "Celebrate!" is written out in a script font on this acrylic and gold glitter cake topper with attached stem
Care Recommendations: Hand wash only

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