wedding color ideas

10 Awesome Wedding Colors You Haven’t Thought Of

When choosing your wedding color you may gravitate toward a color that you have always loved or a color that you have seen in a friend’s wedding … or a color that your fiancé happens to like. But if you are tired of seeing the same colors being used over and over and you want to use one that is a little different from the status quo, I have chosen 10 wedding colors that you should consider:Radiant Orchid Cobalt Plum [...]

fall wedding ideas

White Pumpkins for Fall Wedding Décor

Decorating for a fall wedding naturally lends itself to the use of pumpkins in the décor. If  you are looking for something a little more elegant and unique than orange pumpkins, you might want to consider using white pumpkins either instead of or paired with orange ones. White pumpkins are easy to decorate with because you can decorate or paint them in just about any color to coordinate with your wedding color scheme. For an outdoor wedding a beautiful scene can be created [...]