A Cake For The Groom

Everyone is familiar with the traditional wedding cake and almost all couples have a sumptuous creation. Another dessert that you might want to include is the groom’s cake. The groom’s cake is a great addition to the wedding dessert selection and one that will surely delight your groom. A groom’s cake is typically a surprise for him from his bride. The flavor is most-often chocolate and the range of designs is endless. Designs for the groom’s cake seem to fall in to three groups. One is [...]

Grom's Cake

Groom’s Cake – Lots of Options

If your wedding is this Fall or Winter you have likely gotten just about everything for your reception taken care of by now … menu, decorations, seating chart, and your wedding cake. But have you designed a cake for your groom? The groom’s cake has been around for centuries and there has been a resurgence in its popularity in the last few years. At the wedding reception, the groom’s cake is usually sliced and served separately from the wedding cake. The rehearsal [...]