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Ringing in 2018…with Wedding Bells

The good news: The stress of the holidays is over – phew, time to relax. The bad news The amazing news In other news…you’re getting married this year! And if you’re like most brides, January brings a sudden onset of panic that you’ve fallen way behind in planning and/or are wondering where to start. That’s where we come in. First, don’t fret – even if you’re having a spring wedding, there’s still plenty of time to get everything done. Even [...]


A Wedding Dream Comes True

Six weeks before her wedding, bride-to-be Ali was asked by HuffPost Weddings to write an article for them on the subject of planning her wedding. Ali, the product manager at Exclusively Weddings, wrote in her article that what she really wanted her wedding to be almost got side tracked. She took a step back to re-evaluate and re-group, and in the end, she got the exact wedding she had been dreaming of. Ali was married to Hill on April 28. In looking at her wedding photos recently, I saw [...]


Ten Must-Have Wedding Tips for the Bride

When planning a wedding, sometimes it’s the little things that cause us to be stressed out. By using our tips, you can remove a lot of potentially stressful situations while creating your wedding and on the wedding day itself. We hope you will find these tips to be practical and useful. 1.  Try on your bridal shoes well in advance, walking and standing in them often for several days before the wedding. [If you wear them for the first time on your [...]