Five Perfect Designs for Your Beach Wedding Cake

If you’re having a beach wedding you are probably going to need a wedding cake! Beach wedding cakes can range from a very creative, elaborate beach theme to a subtle beach design or simply a “beachy” color. Most cakes for beach weddings usually fall in to five design styles: Embellished with:  . Beach Chairs  . Shells & Starfish  . Tropical Flowers . Nautical Design . Ocean Colors Even if you aren’t having a wedding on the beach but are a couple who loves the beach, you might want to consider [...]

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5 Easy Ways to Pamper Guests at Your Beach Wedding

I think it is fair to say that whenever we host a social event we want our guests to feel welcomed and comfortable. And I think that is especially true at a wedding and perhaps even more so at a beach wedding; because for a beach wedding, it can sometimes be a challenge to make guests comfortable. For example, it can be uncomfortably warm and the sun can be unbearably bright. And guests have to take their shoes off [...]