Four Questions Every Couple Asks Themselves When Planning a Wedding

Besides the obvious, “why is planning a wedding so darn expensive?” we are here with a few words of wisdom to remind you that every bride and groom deals with similarly stressful issues – and to help talk you off the wedding planning ledge. Remember, this is supposed to be an exciting, magical experience – not something that makes you want to rip your hair out on the daily.  “Do we really have to invite crazy Aunt Josephine?” It depends. Sometimes, [...]

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Wedding Day? Party: ON

Elegant gowns, cascading flowers, hair and makeup done to the nines – your wedding is YOUR day and you should totally own it like the glamourous rock star that you are. But, there’s one thing that you shouldn’t lose sight of with all of the theatrics, glitz and sophistication of your big day. Your wedding is, after all, one big party – a celebration of you beginning a life together with the one you love. Here’s a few ideas [...]

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How to Choose the Right Wedding Colors

We are well aware that there is no lack of option when it comes to planning and creating the wedding you’ve always envisioned. But with a wide array of options in the wedding industry often comes decision paralysis – how the heck are you supposed to know the difference between cream, ivory, eggshell when deciding what color tulle to use on your ceremony backdrop?! Here’s a few tips to help: The Number One Color Factor One of the biggest decisions you’ll [...]


Holy Cow, I’m Getting Married Today: Tips for the Morning of the Big Day

Holy cow, you’re getting married today! Commence freak out mode. And not because you’re getting cold feet or anything – you’re madly in love with your fiancé and soooo ready to tie the knot. But you can’t help but freak out about all of the logistics and potential for something to go wrong on your big day. Here’s a few tips to help the morning run smoothly. Don’t Fall Behind Schedule Right Off the Bat Coming up with the morning-of wedding [...]


Three Ways to Repurpose Your Wedding Mementos

Find yourself playing back your wedding memories on repeat? Good news: photographs are no longer the only way to reminisce. Keep the magic of your wedding going even after the big day ends with these tips to double-dip on your décor: Signage that Works Twice as Hard You can – and totally should – use your wedding décor as a chance to spice up your home decor, too. Think about it: You are already spending a ton of money transforming your [...]


Wedding Planning Crunch Time: Don’t Forget These Four Things

The combination of anticipation and stress you’re likely feeling leading up to your big day can certainly be overwhelming. The smaller details can often fall by the wayside, especially as you’re distracted by your less-than-perfect dress fitting. But we’ve got you girl – we’re here with a few small details that will help the best day of your lives go off without a hitch. Big Day Breakfast With hair and makeup starting at 8am, the photographer arriving at noon and cocktail [...]

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Countdown to the Big Day

Your Wedding Day is RIGHT around the corner, and besides getting butterflies every time you envision seeing your hubby at the end of the aisle, there’s no doubt you are also in a constant state of last-minute-planning panic. Girlfriend, you are NOT alone – and we are here to help. The good news is that even if you only have a few weeks left until your big day, there’s still plenty of time to iron out all of the [...]