father of the bride gifts

For the Man Who Loved You First

He’s the one who has taught you everything and guided you to become the woman you are today. Your father is the most important man in your life (okay, maybe second most behind your new hubby), and he deserves the world. Few things will top the moment that your dad sees you for the first time in your wedding gown, so why not make the moment even more special by presenting him with a thoughtful, personalized gift? We’ve hand-picked a [...]


Wedding Invitation Etiquette 101

First, let’s get the easy questions out of the way. You totally don’t need to send Save the Dates at all – especially if you are still in doubt about your guest list. Believe it or not, some brides even use it as a tactic to deter some guests from attending and to keep the headcount down. Less warning = Estranged Aunt Susan who lives in Boca is that much less likely to make the trip. But if you [...]


The Top Two Wedding Invitation Wording Mistakes

I was recently asked what the top two invitation wording mistakes are that I see most often. I didn’t have to think very long to come up with an answer! And … I recently received a wedding invitation that had both in the same invitation! The first one that quickly caught my eye was on the “request line” …  and I see this one a lot. As most people know, there are two choices for the “request line” wording: honour of [...]