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How to Choose the Right Wedding Colors

We are well aware that there is no lack of option when it comes to planning and creating the wedding you’ve always envisioned. But with a wide array of options in the wedding industry often comes decision paralysis – how the heck are you supposed to know the difference between cream, ivory, eggshell when deciding what color tulle to use on your ceremony backdrop?! Here’s a few tips to help: The Number One Color Factor One of the biggest decisions you’ll [...]

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Plum Wedding Color – Four Fantastic Choices

Plum is a luscious wedding color you might want to give serious thought to. While it can be paired with a variety of colors, for this blog post I have focused on Shades of Plum along with Plum and Gray, Plum and Olive and Plum and Orange. Plum is similar to pink (dark pink, pale pink, etc.) in that it has a range of intensity, but is still called “plum”. In fact, in its lighter shades it is very close [...]


An Orange Color Combination for Your Fall Wedding

If you are planning an autumn wedding it is not too early to start planning now. At the very least, it’s time to start choosing your wedding color theme. Typically for fall, the colors are deeper and warmer. When I think of colors that “say” autumn, one of the first colors that comes to mind for me and probably for most other people, as well, is orange. In this blog post I will show you color ideas using orange with [...]


Your Wedding Color Story – Part 2

A couple of weeks ago we had a post dedicated to choosing your wedding colors. We posted 17 color-story collages and you can see the post here: Your Color Story – Choosing Your Wedding Colors. We’ve been busy on our Facebook page taking requests for color stories from our Fans and now we have 20 more color-story collages. Be sure to click on the photos to see the full-size versions. Royal Blue and Silver was requested by our Facebook fans more than any other [...]


Your Wedding Colors – Peacock

When choosing colors for your wedding, if you don’t shy away from vibrant colors and if you like colors in the purple and blue families, then you might want to consider a Peacock Color Theme. One of the most luscious color schemes for weddings, this combination can include just the “peacock colors” or it can also include actual peacock feathers in the décor. The colors  of a Peacock Theme are turquoise, royal blue, green, and purple. The purple color can vary as [...]


Your Wedding Color – Purple

Are you having a hard time deciding on your wedding color palette? Are you looking for a wedding color that is rich, luscious and offers a lot of wow factor? You may want to consider the color purple. The purple palette covers a very wide spectrum of colors. They include soft lavender and violet as well as vibrant magenta, plum, deep burgundy and eggplant. Purple can create many different effects and moods depending on how it is used. One way, of course, is to use one shade [...]