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Editor’s Pick – The 3 Best Bridal Boots for a Snowy Winter Wedding

If you are planning a winter wedding, there is always the chance of snow and it’s best to be prepared, just in case. Yes, you have your lovely wedding shoes but you will probably be thankful to have a pair of warm boots, too! I think that when it is snowy outside, a pair of boots somehow just looks more at one with the weather than dainty shoes! If you plan to wear boots at some point on your wedding day, there are [...]

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Cozy Wedding Wraps – 5 Stylish Choices to Keep You Warm

If you are having a fall or winter wedding you may want to consider adding a wrap to  your wedding attire. It can create a new dimension to your overall look and at the same time will keep you cozy and warm. There are quite a few wedding wrap options. Here are 5 great choices for you: Shawl Shrug Cardigan Sweater Cape Stole The style of your wrap should complement your gown and the formality of your wedding. For example, a fur stole would not be [...]

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5 Reasons Why You Should Not Skip the Wedding Veil

There are many explanations and traditions regarding the significance of the wedding veil … so much history, in fact, that the subject could be a blog post in itself! So, I will keep this post focused on why you should not skip wearing a bridal veil and will save the background info for another time. The most important and obvious reason to wear a wedding veil is that the veil immediately identifies you as “THE BRIDE”. It sets you apart [...]

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Wedding Shoes – What’s Your Style?

Most women love shoes and it is likely that the most important pair you’ll ever buy will be your wedding shoes. Just as with your wedding dress, your wedding shoes will be a reflection of your own personal style and contribute considerably to the overall look of your complete wedding ensemble. There was a time when almost all wedding shoes looked pretty much alike. They were white or ivory fabric and usually were simple pumps. Today’s brides wear a wide [...]