autumn wedding tips

Tips Every Autumn Bride Needs

Okay, okay – we know it’s not even August yet, but we just can’t contain our excitement for all of our autumn brides! Vibrant, colorful leaves and crisp, cool nights make for a picturesque wedding backdrop. We’ve put together a few do’s and don’ts for all of our autumn brides in order to pull off the magical September, October or November wedding of your dreams. Be Prepared for the Unpredictable In most parts of the country, Mother Nature can be extremely [...]

wedding dress shopping

Do’s and Don’ts: Wedding Dress Shopping

Do Bring Your Shoes, Jewelry and Accessories It’s okay if you haven’t made a final decision on any of these just yet – but if you are sure you’ll be wearing a necklace, make sure to bring one along so you can compare it with different styles of necklines. And while you won’t need to make any alterations for a few months, bring a pair of shoes along that are the approximate height of what you’ll be wearing on the [...]

honeymoon planning tips

Four Expert Honeymoon Planning Tips

Your honeymoon is one of the most exciting trips of your life – an excuse to travel anywhere in the world with the one you love most – what more could you ask for? At Exclusively Weddings, we are all about sipping piña coladas on the beach with an epic sunset in the background, so that’s why we’ve put together a few expert tips to make sure your honeymoon is unforgettable. Adventure vs. Relaxation After months of stressful wedding planning, you [...]

wedding cake ideas

How to Pull Off the Perfect Wedding Cake

Over the past few decades, weddings have evolved quite a bit. But the one thing that remains a constant is celebrating by serving a stunning and delicious cake at the end of the night. There are dozens (hundreds? Thousands?) of choices when it comes to your cake – shape, size, color, flavor, accents – the list goes on. Here’s a few tips from the wedding experts to help you decide on the perfect cake and cake-cutting ceremony.   Choose a Unique [...]

after the wedding

After the Big Day: What now?

The countdown is over, the last song has played at your reception, and you are on the flight home from your honeymoon. What now? Even though you should be totally excited to start a life with your new husband, being a little bit down in the dumps after your wedding is completely normal. Here’s a few ideas to make the most of your newlywed bliss: Save Your Bridal Shower Gifts These days, many couples already live together prior to getting married [...]

wedding reception ideas

Pop the Champagne… It’s a Party After All!

It’s easy to get so caught up in wedding planning stress that you forget one very important thing – you are supposed to actually have fun at your wedding! So, on the morning of the big day, take a few deep breaths – don’t worry if the limousine is ten minutes late, forget that your Uncle Larry showed up with a surprise Plus One, and make sure you have your spare (comfortable) dancing shoes packed. Here’s a few more [...]

wedding invitations

Wedding Invitations: Start the Party Off Right

Long before the flowers are arranged, the photographer arrives and the white dress is buttoned up, the tone of your wedding has already been set. Your Wedding Invitations are your guests’ first impression of the tone of your big day, so we’ve provided a few tips to make sure that you get it just right. Black Tie or Beach Khakis Picture an invitation written in a formal script font with gold embellishments, wrapped up in black satin ribbon – doesn’t exactly [...]