Four Questions to Ask Before You Choose a Wedding Venue

Even if you’ve always dreamed of getting married at one specific place, consider these details before setting a date.

What is specifically included with the venue rental, and what do I have to provide on my own?

You’ll be surprised at just how many aspects of your wedding there are to coordinate – lighting, catering, beverages, music, transportation, tables and chairs – and those are just the big things. Every venue handles what they provide completely differently, and while providing your own vendors do allow you to be selective, it will also require lots of coordination on your part. Be prepared ahead of time and decide what you and your fiancé will be okay with handling on your own. (Pssst…may we suggest this awesome comprehensive wedding planner to help keep you organized?)

choosing a wedding venue

How early can you access the venue the morning of your wedding?

Some venues fill their event calendars to the brim, so your event planner, florist or decorators may not be allowed access to the venue until just a few short hours before your reception. For peace of mind and to also avoid any last-minute hiccups, it’s smart to choose a venue that you have for the entire day.

choosing a wedding venue

Is there adequate accommodations and parking nearby?

That venue out in the countryside with the stunning rustic barn might be what you’ve always envisioned, but how rural is too rural? If there are no hotels or accommodations within a short drive of the venue, you may be putting your guests in a squeeze – or, you’ll have to pay a ton for transportation. For city weddings, keep in mind where a good portion of your 100+ guests will park. You may want to twice before asking them to park in an expensive hourly garage or lot that is numerous blocks away.

choosing a wedding venue

What if it rains?

Many brides dream of that picture-perfect outdoor wedding, but that inevitably involves taking a major gamble with the weather. If it does rain on your wedding day, can your reception venue act as a stand-in for your ceremony location? Or even if it is just an unbearably hot summer day, is there adequate shade for all of your elderly guests? Bad weather is something that can have a major impact on the outcome of your big day, so think twice before agreeing to an outdoor ceremony.

choosing a wedding venue

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