Four Must-Haves for Every Bridal Shower

Now, chances are that you probably aren’t throwing your own bridal shower. But if you’re like any twenty-something female, you’ll likely be swarmed with plenty of other weddings and bridal showers to attend over the next few years – which can be super stressful especially if you are planning your own wedding at the same time. That’s why we’ve got you covered with a few things you won’t want to forget.

Dessert Décor

At most bridal showers, the dessert table is overflowing. And whether you are serving a traditional cake, cupcakes, brownies or donuts (or all of the above!), you can still don a glamorous cake topper on the dessert table – one that just screams “photo-op!” Plus, since you are already going to pick out a cake topper that you love for your wedding, why not get a little more use out of it? These days, the traditional bride and groom hand-in-hand is no longer – instead, opt for an elegant silver mirror love sign, a rustic wooden “We Do” topper, or a glittery badge of celebration.

 bridal shower ideas

The Bride’s Name in Lights

Sticking along the lines of décor, we have one idea that is sure to make the bride feel like the center of attention – a customizable message on a marquee lightbox! You can welcome guests to the shower, display the number of days until the big day, or another message of love for the guest of honor. Paired with some strung lights and gold décor accents, this glamourous accessory is the perfect addition to any bridal shower.

 bridal shower ideas

Favors, Favors, Favors

The concept of putting together a registry and then opening gifts in front of guests is really quite odd when you think about it. That’s why you should always show your appreciation for their attendance at the shower with a small token of your appreciation. Exclusively Weddings has tons of favor ideas for you to browse, including bottle openers, wine stoppers and even a collection of edible favors! You can also find the perfect favor to fit the theme of your wedding or shower – nautical, rustic, glamorous – the list goes on, and there’s truly something for every bride’s style.

bridal shower ideas

An Elegant Garter Set

Unless a garter was passed down from a family member, chances are that the bride doesn’t just have a garter laying around – and it’s sort of a funny thing for her to purchase herself. That’s why a garter set makes the perfect gift for a bridal shower. And our two-piece set is perfect for the big day, as it gives you one to toss and one to treasure. The embroidered “I Do” adds an extra special touch that the groom surely won’t forget anytime soon.

bridal shower ideas

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