Something Old, New, Borrowed and Blue: Our Suggestions

Here at Exclusively Weddings, this is one tradition that we just love. Now, we don’t want to add anything to your already very long pre-wedding to-do list, so here are a few easy suggestions to make sure you are prepped with something old, new, borrowed and blue on your big day:

Old: A Family Accessory

Since borrowing your mom or grandmother’s entire dress might be out of the question (shoulder pads anyone?!), a hand-me-down hair piece or stunning antique bracelet is usually the way brides go on this category, and we absolutely love that tradition. Rather than just throwing it on during your busy wedding day morning, make sure to ask the story behind whatever it is you are borrowing – because if it’s worth borrowing, there most likely is a great one. It’s also a great idea to borrow an entire veil, since those tend not to change in style from generation to generation.

something old, something new

New: A Memento You Can Cherish

You’ve heard it over and over, but it’s true – after months of anticipation and planning, your wedding day will go by in an instant. That’s why planning ahead along with your photographer to capture the most special moments is so important. You won’t even be able to count the amount of times you’ll browse through your wedding photos after the big day. We suggest that you pick (at least!) a few favorites to get enlarged and create a gallery wall in your home. At Exclusively Weddings, we have a selection of gorgeous frames that you can even get engraved to anchor this wall…dare we call it a shrine?

something old, something new

Borrowed: From Your Best (Already Married) Friend

Find your most recently married bridesmaid or an older cousin or aunt that you’ve always admired. You can certainly borrow gorgeous pair of earrings from her, but we actually suggest something a little less tangible: Before your big day, hop on the phone or head to brunch with this newlywed veteran and ask to borrow some advice on how to stay calm and in-the-moment as your big day arrives.

She’s already been through it – wedding day chaos, planning stress and handling vendors on vendors on vendors. And guess what? She survived! Yes, your mom may able to answer a few questions, but wedding traditions have changed big time over the past few decades, so talking to someone who has just been through it all will be sure to provide a few tips and tricks you may not have thought of.

something old, something new

Blue: Use this as Your Wildcard

This is often the toughest category to fulfill for most brides, especially if blue clashes with your wedding colors. But no one ever said it has to be something major! A necklace with a small blue stone or a pale blue clutch (that won’t be seen in your pictures!) could be the perfect way to go.

Or if you’re really feeling crazy, why not a light shade of blue on your nails? A periwinkle or trendy royal blue might just be the perfect accent for your bouquet of flowers, and will give that head-to-toe all white ensemble you’ll be wearing the little pop of color that it needs. And when in doubt, ask your florist to add a pop of blue to your bouquet.

something old, something new

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