Tips Every Autumn Bride Needs

Okay, okay – we know it’s not even August yet, but we just can’t contain our excitement for all of our autumn brides! Vibrant, colorful leaves and crisp, cool nights make for a picturesque wedding backdrop. We’ve put together a few do’s and don’ts for all of our autumn brides in order to pull off the magical September, October or November wedding of your dreams.

Be Prepared for the Unpredictable

In most parts of the country, Mother Nature can be extremely unpredictable in the fall. A September wedding could have a potential temperature swing between an 85-degree sweltering sunny day, or a 35-degree night with a chance of flurries. Be flexible, and understand that you must be okay with your cocktail hour being moved inside at the last minute and other spontaneous changes. Also, keep an eye on Daylight Savings Time. November weddings can cut it close for taking pictures in natural lighting, so if your wedding date falls after Daylight Savings Time, consider doing a first look and taking your wedding party photos ahead of the ceremony.

autumn wedding tips

Stick with Traditional Fall Colors

At Exclusively Weddings, we always love new and trendy ideas. But there are just some traditions we can seem to shake – and sticking with earthy, natural and warm typically fall color schemes for autumn weddings is one of them. Introducing a bright pop of color or pastel accent just doesn’t feel right, and often clashes in outdoor autumn wedding photos or the attire that your guests will likely be dressed in. While elegant and stunning, fall colors can sometimes land in the borderline-drab category, so we recommend pairing your bieges, maroons and forest greens with pops of gold in your décor. For example, this gold card holder, gold glitter cake topper and gold unity lantern will accent your autumn tablescapes perfectly (and also will look great in photos!).

autumn wedding tips

Avoid Using Halloween Decor

Even if your wedding date is close to Halloween, you may want to think twice about having your centerpieces, floral arrangements and venue décor resemble that of a haunted house. While it may seem fun and fitting given the season, most brides prefer their wedding album to be more classic and timeless by staying away from super flashy trends or holiday themes. Plus, you never know what crazy ideas your guests might have in mind for their attire (surprise costumes, anyone?) That being said, some bride and groom couples do embrace the quirkiness of a spooky wedding theme and go all out with the ghosts, goblins and pumpkin décor, which if nothing else will be sure to make for good photo booth outtakes.

autumn wedding tips


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