Wedding Invitations: Start the Party Off Right

Long before the flowers are arranged, the photographer arrives and the white dress is buttoned up, the tone of your wedding has already been set. Your Wedding Invitations are your guests’ first impression of the tone of your big day, so we’ve provided a few tips to make sure that you get it just right.

Black Tie or Beach Khakis
Picture an invitation written in a formal script font with gold embellishments, wrapped up in black satin ribbon – doesn’t exactly give off the laid-back rustic barn reception that you’re throwing, does it? Make sure the sophistication of your invitation matches how formal you expect your guests to dress. Simply including “semi-formal” doesn’t always make clear what kind of dress you expect your guests to arrive in. The lines are much more blurred these days, so when in doubt, always round up on the fanciness. If you want to make sure nobody shows up in jeans or flip flops, err on the side of caution and state that your reception is “formal” rather than “cocktail attire” or “casual.”

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Save the Dates
While not every couple sends Save the Dates, it is always helpful for your guests who may need to make travel plans, request off from work or hire a babysitter further in advance than normal. Plus, it’s another opportunity to set the tone of your day. Save the Dates are often slightly less formal, and are a great way to show off you and your fiancé’s personalities. You also might get a jumpstart on figuring out your guest list as any guests who may have a conflict will likely shoot you a text that they (sadly) won’t be able to come – no need to wait for the formal RSVPs to get a headcount.

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Address Labels vs. Handwritten vs. Calligraphy
Each option has its pros and cons. Address labels are simple, but not the most attractive – handwritten is easy, but your hand is sure to cramp up (and you’ll definitely waste a ton of envelopes with spelling errors!). And while calligraphy can be stunning, not only is it more expensive, but expect a few of your invitations to get lost in the mail as they can be quite difficult to read.

Pro-tip: Even if your wedding is still months away, start building a spreadsheet of addresses now. You’ll be surprised how tough it is to get in contact with all of your guests, especially those long-lost relatives that live out of state.

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Take it for a Test Drive
Ordering your invitations can be scary – even more daunting than awkwardly posing for your engagement photos even was. That’s why Exclusively Weddings offers free samples that allow you to actually touch your invites so you can get a feel (literally!) for the weight of the paper, the texture of the embellishments and take a closer look at the font size and text. These free samples are just another way that we help you plan the perfect wedding.

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    In my long list of personalising wedding invitation i have added one more with your tips and that is Caligraphy! It looks really nice to personalise wedding invitations with fonts

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