Your Bachelorette Weekend: Let the Good Times Roll

Your RSVPs are starting to appear in the mail and final wedding planning preparations are taking place – so that can only mean one thing: Bachelorette Party Season is finally heating up! So here at Exclusively Weddings, we’ve curated a few bachelorette-centric accessories that every #bridetribe needs in order to pull off a fantastic weekend of fun and celebration – don’t forget, this is your last fling before the ring, so make it count!

Lookin’ Hot on the Beach

If you’re like most brides, then a few weeks before your big day, there is nothing you’d like to do more than forget about all of the stress and wedding planning madness and go sit on a lounge chair at the beach with an endless supply of margaritas served your way (we don’t think your girlfriends will complain about that either!) That’s why these personalized sun hats are the perfect accessory for your trip. Not only are they functional (nobody wants a blistering sunburn a month out from the big day, of course), but they are super trendy and TOTALLY Instagram-worthy, too. A few candid shots on the beach with your bridesmaids in these hats and your “like” count will be rivaling your engagement announcement post from a few months ago!

bachelorette party ideas

Here Comes Trouble

Even the most innocent of brides-to-be are supposed to get into a little bit of trouble on their bachelorette…and we are here to help. Check out our collection of flasks, barware and drink coolers!  There’s nothing more perfect than a personalized cooler to keep your drinks cold at the beach, or a monogrammed flask for taking where ever the bachelorette debauchery leads. And can we talk for a second specifically about this flask that comes with a removable shot glass? Does that scream “bachelorette” or what?!

bachelorette party ideas

A Day of Pampering

Now, while there is bound to be bottomless bottles of bubbly, every bachelorette trip needs a day (or at least a few hours) of pampering and relaxation. Hitting the spa? Then we have to suggest these matching (and monogram-able!) jersey robes. They are so comfortable that after your bach weekend is over, you’ll find yourself wearing it around the house with the urge to do a facemask on a weekly basis! Each robe comes in your choice of five colors and can be personalized with a name, set of initials or custom line of text on the back.

bachelorette party ideas

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You

Bachelorette parties once used to consist of a night out for dinner and drinks with girlfriends. But today, they have evolved into to full blown weekend getaways. Airfare and hotel rooms come at a steep price, so as the bride, you should be extra appreciative of every girl that makes the effort to come on your trip. Getting them each a small gift is a great way to say “thank you for using your last two vacation days on me!” It doesn’t have to be anything big: A bottle of wine, small piece of jewelry or even a just a handwritten thank you note is a small gesture that all of your girls will certainly cherish and appreciate.

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