Wedding Day? Party: ON

Elegant gowns, cascading flowers, hair and makeup done to the nines – your wedding is YOUR day and you should totally own it like the glamourous rock star that you are. But, there’s one thing that you shouldn’t lose sight of with all of the theatrics, glitz and sophistication of your big day. Your wedding is, after all, one big party – a celebration of you beginning a life together with the one you love. Here’s a few ideas to help find the perfect balance between celebration and glamour:

Laughter is the Best Medicine

It’s totally normal to wake up with a few wedding day jitters. But that’s nothing that a few laughs can’t cure. All of your best girlfriends will be there with you getting ready, so there’s no reason not to have a good time.  Write each of your bridesmaids a quick thank you note for being part of your day and include your favorite funny memory that you’ve shared with them. This will be sure to get the laughter rolling, and is also a great icebreaker for the bridesmaids in your tribe that might not know each other as well. Exclusively Wedding’s collection of scratch-off greeting cards is the perfect interactive addition to this must-do wedding morning ritual.

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Take Plenty of Pictures While Getting Ready

It’s not every day that professional hairstylists and makeup artists show up to your door, so make sure to take in every moment. Sometimes, you have to wait a few weeks to get your professional photos back – and while everyone should definitely be in the moment and not glued to their phones/social media all day, make sure to snap a few fun and silly pictures of you and all your bridesmaids getting ready. We’ll bet that a goofy wedding day selfie is sure to be one of your most cherished photos from the entire day.

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Opt for a Party Bus Instead of a Limo

After your wedding party pictures are taken, nothing will get the celebration started like some good music and champagne on a party bus. While limousines are traditionally more elegant, being able to dance and freely move around on the bus will make sure everyone is comfortable and having a fun time. Not to mention, it’s much easy to maneuver the long train of your wedding gown on and off a bus than in and out of a low-to-the-ground limousine – and your taller groomsmen will also thank you.

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