Groomsmen Gifts They’ll Really Love (and use!)

Picking out groomsmen gifts is not an easy task. What do you get for your brother, your best friend since 2nd grade or your college roommate who has been through all of the highs and lows with you? Even worse, if you’re the hide-your-emotions-anti-sentimental type, how do you possibly express all of your gratitude in one gift? We’re here with a few ideas to help out all of the hubbies-to-be:

When in Doubt, Stick to Barware

If it involves alcohol, chances are it will be a hit with the majority of the crowd. And there’s so many options to choose from: Get a growler set for your beer drinking buddies and a leather flask for those who prefer bourbon. Pair each gift with a bottle or six-pack of their favorite drink and you are sure to knock the groomsmen gift out of the park (not to mention, you’ll definitely get the party started!)

Groomsmen Gift Ideas

Help Them Look (even more!) Dapper

You’ve already helped pick out their suit, tie, belt and shoes, so why not add a little something extra? Cufflinks are an often-overlooked groomsmen gift that totally shouldn’t be – they add a level of sophistication to your groomsmen’s attire (especially when they are personalized), and they will look great in all of your wedding photos, too! Not to mention, each guy is sure to wear their set of cufflinks again and again to every fancy event or function down the road.

Groomsmen Gift Ideas

100% Masculinity

After being surrounded by flowers, fancy gowns and candles all day, you may feel the need to give your guys the upmost masculine gift you can find – like a tool kit or a pocket knife, perhaps? Both are super useful, and your guys are sure to hold onto for years to come. Although, we wouldn’t recommend pairing these kinds of gifts with any bottles of whiskey…

Groomsmen Gift Ideas

Pro Tip = Personalize Everything

Engraving monograms onto each item is a really nice gesture that takes the gift to the next level, and it shows that a lot of thought and planning went into it. Also, by no means do you need to get each guy the same gift. While individually picking out items for each person definitely involves more legwork and planning, there’s not always a one-size-fits-all gift that works for everyone. Make sure to add in a hand-written card, and you’ll be sure to show all of your bros just how appreciative you are for their friendship and for being there on your big day.

Groomsmen Gift Ideas



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