How to Choose the Right Wedding Colors

We are well aware that there is no lack of option when it comes to planning and creating the wedding you’ve always envisioned. But with a wide array of options in the wedding industry often comes decision paralysis – how the heck are you supposed to know the difference between cream, ivory, eggshell when deciding what color tulle to use on your ceremony backdrop?! Here’s a few tips to help:

The Number One Color Factor

One of the biggest decisions you’ll have to make about your wedding (uhhh…. besides who you are marrying, of course) is bridesmaid dress color. Bright colors can often become the main focal point in your photos, but then again, no one wants their wedding day to seem dull by overdoing it on the neutrals.  It’s already a tough decision to make, not to mention that you have to find a color that all of your girls look good in – and that’s no easy feat if there’s a wide range of skin tones or hair colors in your bride tribe. Need a solution? More recently, new trends of using color variety for each dress, prints/patterns or two-toned dresses have been taking hold – and we are SO here for it. It really makes it easy for each of your bridesmaids to find something they love – and feel confident in.

wedding color ideas

Check Out Which Flowers are in Season

If you don’t already have your wedding date set, it might be worth checking out which flowers are in bloom each month. If you have your heart set on lush, fragrant peonies, keep in mind that these are typically only available in the springtime. This can also have a big impact on your ceremony and venue décor. Certain types of greenery work better in different weather, and we don’t want any of your gorgeous (and expensive!) eucalyptus garland wilting in the hot July sun.

 wedding color ideas

Gold, Silver, or Rose Gold Accents?

The accent color that you choose can be just as important as your primary color scheme. Are you planning to wear gold or silver jewelry? Do the chairs at the venue have gold backs? Maybe silver would look better with the groomsmen’s navy suits? All of these tiny details can be pulled together by coordinating that secondary accent color. But that being said, a little mix-and-matching metallics never killed anyone – add some garden strung lighting or romantic candles and your tablescapes will be sure to be the envy of every Joanna Gaines fan in the room. Luckily, Exclusively Weddings offers ceremony and reception accessories like card boxes, favor stands and other décor in a variety of colors to suit all of your metallic décor needs.

 wedding color ideas

You Don’t Have to Stick with Traditional Seasonal Colors…

…but keep in mind that many of your guests will be dressed in those colors anyway. So even if you love pastels, you may want to use them sparingly at your fall reception since it may clash with the earth tones, browns and autumn colors that your guests will likely be wearing. That doesn’t mean you can’t include the colors you love as small accents here and there – we just wouldn’t suggest using lavender tablecloths in the middle of October. When in doubt, play it safe and stick with neutrals for the big items such as backdrops, tablecloths and signage. Using creams, blushes and grays in your decor will keep your reception classic and will be sure to look elegant in all of your photos, too.

wedding color ideas


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