Four Accessories Every Bride Needs on Her Big Day

We don’t want you to forget any of the small details as you untangle your way through the chaos of wedding planning. These four must-have accessories are sure to make your big day even more special – and a little bit less stressful to boot!

Stylish Champagne Flutes

There’s no doubt you’ll be sipping plenty of bubbly the morning of your wedding day – so make sure to do it in style! Engraved with your names and wedding date, these wedding flutes are sure to look classic and elegant in all of your professional photos – way better than using plastic cups. These flutes are also perfect for the first toast with your new hubby and for many future happy occasions – break them out every year on your anniversary to celebrate! Champagne not included, but we’re fairly certainly you’ll be able to handle that on your own.

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Comfy Flip Flops

Your wedding morning is sure to be hectic, and while you already have your outfit for the day planned out (you know, that long white dress…) don’t forget to plan regular clothes and shoes to lounge in while you’re getting ready. Check out these super comfy flip flops – perfect for getting ready in the hotel! You can even snag a pair for all of your bridesmaids as a cute gesture, and of course get them embroidered with each of their names or monograms. You’ll be in your heels for upwards of eight to ten hours during your wedding day, and after you’re done dancing the night away at your reception, you’ll be so glad you remembered a pair of flip flops to throw on as you head back to the newlywed suite.

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A Token of Appreciation for the Flower Girl

Close behind mom and grandma, one of the most important guests at your wedding is the flower girl. Not to mention, she’s the only girl who might steal a little bit of your thunder on the big day. Make sure to get her a chic keepsake that she will adore to commemorate her being such a big part of your wedding. This monogrammed charm bracelet is the perfect girly gesture, and the elastic fits little wrists perfectly without needing help to take it on and off. If she’s young, she might not even realize the importance of being in your wedding – but in a few years, this memento will totally stand out to her and something she’ll keep in her jewelry box forever.

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A Bridal Tote in Lieu of a Purse

Your wedding isn’t your typical night out – you won’t need to worry about carrying your cell phone, wallet or extra bobby pins in your purse. But you should definitely still have all of those things with you…not to mention the (approximately) two dozen other random wedding day essentials that you’ll want to have at a moment’s notice. That’s where these cute gold foil totes bags save the day! Put your most loyal bridesmaid in charge of keeping an eye on it and lugging it around, so that you can rest easy that nothing will be left at home as you arrive at the ceremony.

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