Holy Cow, I’m Getting Married Today: Tips for the Morning of the Big Day

Holy cow, you’re getting married today! Commence freak out mode. And not because you’re getting cold feet or anything – you’re madly in love with your fiancé and soooo ready to tie the knot. But you can’t help but freak out about all of the logistics and potential for something to go wrong on your big day. Here’s a few tips to help the morning run smoothly.

Don’t Fall Behind Schedule Right Off the Bat

Coming up with the morning-of wedding day schedule is tough, no doubt. What time should breakfast be delivered? How much time should you allot for photos? You only booked the photographer for eight hours, so what time should they arrive? We feel your pain.

The best advice we can give you is to significantly over estimate each portion of the morning. Rushing through special moments, such as when your dad sees you for the first time is the last thing you’ll want to happen. So, this might mean waking up at the crack of dawn to start hair and makeup – especially if you have a large tribe of bridesmaids and only one or two hairstylists. Set your alarm an extra hour earlier (at least!) than you think you’ll need. Worst case scenario: you’ll have a few extra minutes to enjoy a second cup of coffee instead of racing at the last second to throw on your shoes and veil before you head to the ceremony.

Stop and Smell the Roses

You’ve heard it before – your wedding day will fly by in an instant so it’s important to truly take in every single moment and be present with your friends, family (and eventually your hubby)! When the florist drops off the bouquets, you should quite literally stop and smell the roses. Heck, flowers are not cheap (and they certainly don’t last forever), so be sure to enjoy them. Want to give your flowers even more significance? Check out this sentimental bouquet charm – the perfect way to honor a loved one who has passed, as they’ll be walking right down the aisle with you (excuse us while we grab some tissues).

Don’t Overdo It on the Champagne

As you’re in the hotel getting dolled up with your girls, the mimosas will certainly be flowing. But remember, the day is a marathon, not a sprint. Indulging in too many glasses of champagne may wear you out. Plus, let’s be real – nobody’s makeup looks as good after having a few drinks, so at least wait until after photos are done to pop the extra bottle of bubbly. And do we have to remind you that there’s an open bar waiting for you at the end of the day?

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

It’s just easier if you accept it ahead of time: Something is bound to go wrong. Now, we don’t mean your entire wedding day will be a disaster, far from it. But try to take small hiccups in stride – like when the limo gets stuck in traffic on the way to the church or when one of the (several hundred) buttons pops off the back of your dress. You’ll enjoy the day so much more if you don’t let a black cloud of stress unnecessarily hang over your big day. Instead of focusing on these small issues, take a step back and realize that all of your loved ones have come from near and far to celebrate you and your husband’s beginning a new chapter of life together.



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