Our Favorite Wedding Trends Making an Appearance in 2018

With the first day of spring behind us, wedding season is officially upon us! And as always, we’ve been sifting through the latest new trends to bring you our favorite ideas and tips for your big day! 

Honeymoon Funds

Okay, let’s face it. These days, most couples live together long before they say “I Do!” (sorry Grandma). So, the need for a brand-new blender or set of wine glasses may be a bit unnecessary since you probably already have these in your kitchen. Now, there’s nothing wrong with using your registry to do a little upgrade and finally throw away the chipped and mismatched dish set you’ve had since college. But after spending thousands of dollars on the wedding of your dreams, sometimes paying for the honeymoon of your dreams too is a bit unrealistic. Instead, there are companies like Zola and Honeyfund that allow guests to pay for certain amenities for your trip – massages, dinners or even just a chunk of change to put towards your trip expenses in general! You can even do this in combination with a regular registry.


Bridal Showers at Dusk

While everyone loves a good brunch, sometimes throwing a bridal shower early in the morning can be a bit chaotic and rushed. There’s a ton of food to make, decorations to be hung, hair and make-up to be did – so why rush everyone to arrive by 11am? After all, mimosas can be served any time of the day. The newest trend that we love is late-in-the-day, say 4, 5 or even 6pm showers! Think about it – everyone is there to eat and celebrate, so after opening some presents and having dessert, why not pop a few extra bottles of bubbly and keep the party going all night?!

Personalized Everything

Most likely, you been friends with the ladies in your bridal party even longer than you’ve known your future hubby. You’ve been through thick and thin, good and bad, everything from middle school dances to heartbreak in high school. And let’s get real. Being a bridesmaid isn’t cheap these days – so show them how much you appreciate all they’ve sacrificed to stand by your side at the alter by presenting them with something meaningful on your big day! Personalized gifts are a great way to show each of your girls how much they mean to you – we’re in love with these personalized gold necklaces.

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