Countdown to the Big Day

Your Wedding Day is RIGHT around the corner, and besides getting butterflies every time you envision seeing your hubby at the end of the aisle, there’s no doubt you are also in a constant state of last-minute-planning panic. Girlfriend, you are NOT alone – and we are here to help. The good news is that even if you only have a few weeks left until your big day, there’s still plenty of time to iron out all of the overwhelming nitty-gritty.

Prioritize What’s Most Important

Venue, Caterer, Dress – you likely have the “big stuff” handled. But how about the (approximately) seventeen thousand additional details that come with every aspect of your day? Sure, you’ve picked out a DJ – but now you have a few hours of homework to do including sending over a song list, the bridal party entrance announcements, pictures for the slideshow – shall we keep going?

Okay, so here’s the game plan: Prioritize what is most impactful to the overall flow of the day first, especially for brides in a major time crunch. For example, making sure you have the day-of timeline perfectly set with your photographer or transportation company is way more important than making multiple trips to the florist to check on every last detail (flowers are flowers and they are going to look gorgeous no matter what, right?). Instead, focus your time and energy on things that will truly have an impact if something (gasp!) goes awry the morning of your wedding – like the limousine showing up 45 minutes late.

The Never-Ending To-Do List

Writing things down is clutch, because it’s the easily forgettable tiny details that will be the biggest stress inducer. Pour yourself a glass of bubbly, grab a journal (or a to-do list app on your phone) and start jotting some notes down. It’s also helpful to rewrite the list at the end of each week so that you can reprioritize it. Plus, there’s just something so fulfilling about physically checking off tasks as you complete them that will help keep the productivity momentum going. You’ll have your entire list done with time to spare!

Forget something major? Exclusively Weddings is here to the rescue with a massive collection of last minute gifts, favors and accessories. We know you’ve been super busy and that some details often fall to the wayside, so that’s we we’ve got your back. Our wedding planning timeline checklist is also super helpful to keep you on task right up to the big day.

Don’t Be Afraid to Enlist Help

No matter how much you plan ahead, the week leading up to your wedding is bound to be chaotic – so don’t expect that you and your future hubby will be able to handle every last-minute detail alone. Recruit some friends and family (after all, that’s what groomsmen and bridesmaids are for, right?) to help run errands, check that the rehearsal dinner venue is set-up, or even to just bring over lunch and keep you relaxed.

As long as you expect to have unexpected problems arise and take any last-second hiccups in stride, you’ll be just fine. Remember, your wedding day is a party, not a performance. So, when things don’t go exactly as planned (out-of-town guest travel complications, bad weather, a broken nail the morning of the big day), put a smile on, think about the life you are about to embark on with the man of your dreams and realize that no matter what, it will be the best day of your life.

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