Our Favorite Top Trends for the Upcoming Wedding Season

Woodsy is the New Rustic

Mason jars and burlap is out, but don’t worry, strung garden lanterns and natural wood décor is SO in, and you’re going to love it. Think cozy log cabin décor dropped in an enchanted forest – an especially perfect look for outdoor ceremonies. While there’s nothing wrong with pops of color, using more greenery in your centerpieces and bouquets will help your wedding have a classic appeal for years to come. Neutral greens and natural earth tones will look stunning when paired with a few lit candles, and more importantly, won’t be the main focal point of all of your photos like a bright floral bouquet might (and we can’t have ANYTHING stealing your thunder right?)

top wedding trends

Unique Bridesmaid Dresses

Everyone’s heard it before: “You can TOTALLY wear the $300 bridesmaid dress I picked out to another event!” And with this new trend of slightly more casual, two-toned and printed dresses, your girls just might actually be able to pull that off. No more traditional stiff dresses with thick material or loads of tulle. Instead, opt for a long but lightweight material, with understated floral prints…or even go with a two-piece! This look will make for the perfect accent that your bridesmaids will love, especially for spring and summertime I do’s.

top wedding trends

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Fun Bridesmaid Proposals

Sisters, cousins, middle school besties, freshman year roommates…most likely, you had your girls by your side long before your man was around. And now that you have a ring, your bridesmaids need some bling too! But don’t just surprise them with regular bracelet or necklace – have it personalized to show how much you truly care for each one of them. Pair your gift with a hand-written note and a bottle of champagne (which you should pop immediately!) for the perfect bridesmaid proposal that you can celebrate over a nice long brunch. Exclusively Weddings has a wide variety of stylish choices that are super easy to personalize – cards, bags and boxes too!

top wedding trends

Ditch the Standard Menu

While a filet or crab cake is always tasty, gone are the days of the standard buffet. Spice up the offering with something unique: think brick oven pizza, a taco bar or even a sushi chef! Remember, while the day is TOTALLY about you and your fiancé, you definitely want your guests to have a fun time too. And serving awesome, delicious food is one way to easily accomplish that. Does your venue require you use their own catering service? Don’t fret – you can totally achieve the same effect with an ice cream sundae bar – or take the quirkiness up a notch with an actual ice cream truck waiting outside as your guests leave!

top wedding trends

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