Your Wedding, Your Way: Every Detail Counts

How many weddings did you attend last year that were exactly like the rest? Probably a few, considering 2.3 million couples in the United States get married every year. Using your creativity to put individual, unique touches can go a long way towards making your big day stand out – and we just don’t mean coming up with a clever #brangelina style hashtag. Let your personality really shine through with these tips:

Wedding Cake Ideas

Don’t Be Cookie Cutter (with the Cake!)

Gone are the days of your standard white wedding cake. There are so many emerging trends this year that really push the limits of tradition (even black wedding cakes!) and will get your ideas (and sweet tooth) rolling. Naked cakes have paved the way for our new favorite, the drip cake, and the emergence of crystals and their healing powers enters the wedding desserts world with an assortment of geode-themed cakes. The detail that goes into hand-painted and textured cakes is breathtaking and will really wow your guests.

Your cake topper is also a great opportunity to throw tradition to the wind and add a unique, personalized touch. Replace the old-fashioned arm-in-arm bride and groom with something that shows off your personality. Unlike some other smaller décor details of your reception, the cake topper is sure to make a prominent appearance in all of your cake cutting pictures! Need some inspiration? We’re just in love with this rustic (yet timeless!) We Do topper. Looking for a more contemporary look: you’ll love our Modern Acrylic Square topper.

Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

You’ve Got a New Last Name – Why Not Flaunt It?!

One of the craziest parts of getting married is your name change (if you decide to go that route, of course). No doubt you’ll have a full-blown freak out (in a good way!) the first time you see your new name written down. And if you’re anything like us, your closet is stocked full of monogrammed gear, so your wardrobe is going to need some serious updating. Our personalized white sun hats are a fan favorite, and the perfect accessory to rock on the beach during your bachelorette party too!

DIY wedding ideas

DIY Done Right

If you’re the creative type, crafting can be a super enjoyable part of the wedding planning process. Who wouldn’t love to have your girls over, pop a bottle of Prosecco, and whip out the hot glue gun? Now, we don’t mean your entire venue needs to look like a Pinterest board IRL. But, some small handmade touches, such as our hand-painted table numbers or scrapbook-style photo displays can add legit personality to your venue. Just don’t wait until the last minute, since every DIY project in the history of DIY projects has always taken longer than expected.

bridesmaid gift ideas

Bridesmaid Appreciation Day

Over the past few months, your bridesmaids have worked their butts off planning your shower and your bachelorette extravaganza, all the while keeping an eye on your nutty Aunt Sandra. Show them some appreciation for keeping you sane by giving a meaningful, hand-picked gift. Most brides do give something day-of to their maids, but many end up giving the same bulk gift to each bridesmaid. Go a step above by personalizing each gift for your girls. Our engraved cocktail shakers are always a huge hit. And no surprise there – who isn’t ready for a stiff drink after all of this planning?!






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