Ringing in 2018…with Wedding Bells

The good news: The stress of the holidays is over – phew, time to relax. The bad news The amazing news In other news…you’re getting married this year! And if you’re like most brides, January brings a sudden onset of panic that you’ve fallen way behind in planning and/or are wondering where to start.

That’s where we come in. First, don’t fret – even if you’re having a spring wedding, there’s still plenty of time to get everything done. Even more important, there’s nothing more powerful than a productive, can-do mindset. Try these tips to tackle January and get the best year of your life started off on the right foot!

Focus on Yourself

This year is going to inevitably be a roller coaster of stress and excitement – so why not get your mental health in as best shape as possible to start? Even taking fifteen minutes to pamper yourself every night can go a long way in boosting your mood, reducing stress, and feeling energized. After a busy day of planning, unwind by lighting some candles, putting on some cozy socks and throwing on a facemask. Personally, we can’t get enough of this pore clearing charcoal mask by Origins. Don’t forget, every bride feels overwhelmed at some point during the wedding planning process. So, when you feel like running for the hills, try running a hot bath instead.

Detox a Little Bit of Everything

There’s nothing less productive than setting unrealistic resolutions you’ll break six days in. Instead, try slowly cutting back on things out that will in turn make you feel refreshed, healthy, and happy in the long run. That extra glass of wine after dinner? Opt for a large glass of water before bed instead. Headed to brunch with your MOH? Fill up on some fruit before jumping into the breakfast casserole. Many Pure Barre and Orangetheory locations are running awesome deals for new members for the New Year. And we don’t just mean cutting out alcohol and calories – try to detox the negativity in your life, too. That girl from high school that you loathe who is (of course) getting married two weeks before you? Unfollow!

Cross that One Thing You’re Dreading Off Your List

January is the perfect time to check that pesky task you’ve been avoiding off your to-do list. The cold weather makes for less temptation for plans (hibernation, anyone?), so you may find a few free weekends on your hands. Even if your big day is still nine or ten months away, take advantage and get those time-consuming DIY crafts started, or get dress shopping with your impossible-to-please mother-in-law checked off your list now. Still haven’t ordered your invitations? Check out our elegant Pearl Pleasure embossed invites and check that off your list too!

Make Time for Date Night with the Fiancé

Remember, as stressful and expensive as planning a wedding can be, you should still enjoy the process. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, take a weekend off from planning completely and grab dinner and drinks at your favorite local spot with the fiancé! This is the only (and brief) time in your lives that you’ll be engaged, so make sure to celebrate the anticipation of the big day that’s just around the corner.





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