Your Wedding Cake – Six Trends You Don’t Want to Overlook

Your wedding cake is one of the main attractions at your reception. Not so long ago brides were opting for cupcakes instead of a wedding cake; but if the large amount of wedding cakes on Pinterest is an indication, brides are still loving having a “real” wedding cake.

I have to admit that I am a big fan of wedding cakes. One reason is that you can buy cupcakes throughout your life, but when will you ever have an occasion as special as a wedding to choose a spectacular and special cake!

In looking at our Colorful Wedding Cakes Pinterest Board and its over 600 photos and looking on Pinterest in general,  I noticed that there are six trends in wedding cake styles.  There are a lot more options, of course, than the categories below; but these are the styles that are trending. I hope this blog post will help you narrow down what you are looking for and help you find “the cake of a lifetime!”

  • Six Wedding Cake Trends:

Metallic Wedding Cake:
  Metallic cakes can be gold or silver …. or even copper! They have a dressy look so they are probably best for an evening or more formal wedding. Some in the collage below are almost all metallic, while others have just one or two metallic layers.

Sequined Wedding Cake: Another dressy cake that is on-trend is one with icing that looks like sequins. If, in general, you love things that sparkle … why not have a wedding cake that sparkles!

Ruffled Wedding Cake: Ruffles are girly and fun and this cake style can work with just about any wedding.  This look offers lots of options such as small ruffles all the way to really large ones. I have examples of each style in the collage below. Ruffles work wonderfully for ombré cakes, as you can see in the collage below this one.

Ombré Wedding Cake: Ombré colors are ones that go from one shade to another from dark to light or light to dark. As mentioned, above, the ruffled style works really well for the ombré style.

Black Wedding Cake: A very dramatic looking wedding cake can be accomplished using black icing. A black cake can easily look goth and unless that is what you are going for, be sure to have lighter elements on the cake as shown in the collage.  And if you love the last cake in the collage below, here is an interesting blog post about the baker’s inspiration for the cake and how she created it.

Unfrosted – Naked – Wedding Cake: Unfrosted wedding cakes (also called naked wedding cakes) are a rather new style. Unfrosted cakes work really well for rustic weddings because they have such a natural look. Some brides are afraid of this style because they are worried that the cake could dry out because it doesn’t have frosting. If you want more information on cake #4 below or unfrosted cakes in general, The Cake Blog features this cake and shares some tips from the baker at Carried Away Cuisine. One tip is how to keep the cake from drying out: “She coats the cake itself with a clear-drying citrus glaze before torting and filling. This protects the outside edge without changing the overall appearance.”

Click collages to see them full size.

Collages created by Sher Silver.

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