Don’t Rule Out Neutral Wedding Colors

As you decide on your wedding colors, you may want to give some thought to a neutral wedding color palette. Neutral colors are those that don’t show up on the color wheel: white, gray and black. There are advantages to neutral colors; such as, it is much easier to choose items for your décor. When using neutrals, you won’t have to worry about trying to match up colors, shades, and tones.

Also, it is likely that your groom will feel more comfortable with a neutral color. If he is a guy who just can’t handle color, consider neutrals. Another reason to use neutral colors is if your venue is very colorful. For example if you are getting married in a large church with lots of red carpet, yet you want to use pink, you may want to just go with a neutral color instead. Or if the reception venue you want to use has very distinctive décor, you may be better off not trying to compete with it.

White Wedding Color. An all-white wedding can be very beautiful. A lot of white can create quite an impression! My only caveat is to make sure that your wedding dress is different enough from your bridesmaids, so there is no question who the bride is! Wearing a veil can help in this regard, also.

Gray Wedding Color. Gray is a somewhat new color for weddings. I think it is a very sophisticated choice. Including plenty of white with it will make it pop and keep it from looking dreary.

Black and White Wedding Colors: Black and white is a combination with a lot of impact! With this combo your decorating will be so much easier. Put black and white together and you have an immediate “wow”! For example, look at the balloons in the photo collage below. While any other combination of colors would look really nice, black and white creates a special vision that no other combination can match.

Click on photos once for large versions and twice for humongous versions.

Collages created by Sher Silver.

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