5 Reasons Why You Should Not Skip the Wedding Veil

There are many explanations and traditions regarding the significance of the wedding veil … so much history, in fact, that the subject could be a blog post in itself! So, I will keep this post focused on why you should not skip wearing a bridal veil and will save the background info for another time.

The most important and obvious reason to wear a wedding veil is that the veil immediately identifies you as “THE BRIDE”. It sets you apart from your bridesmaids and all other women at your wedding. And also, your wedding will be the only time in your life when you can wear a bridal veil. So don’t miss out on this truly once-in-a-lifetime experience!

Five Reasons You Should Not Skip the Wedding Veil:

  • It adds drama to your walk down the aisle.
  • It can enhance your bridal portrait.
  • It provides a “wow factor” for the bride and groom photo.
  • It can be the centerpiece of an artistic wedding photo.
  • It can make you feel like a princess!

There is nothing quite as dramatic as when the attendants have reached the altar and it is time for the bride to make her grand entrance. The guests stand and look toward the end of the center aisle, breathlessly awaiting the first look at the beautiful bride! And there is nothing that says “bride” quite like a wedding veil!
A_Wedding_Veil_ Adds_Drama_to_Your_Walk_Down_the_Aisle

When it is time for your wedding portrait … either before or during the festivities, a veil can really enhance the beauty of the photo. This is not just you in a pretty gown, this is you as a bride!

You will surely want a photo of you and your groom … one that is the perfect memento of your special day and perhaps one that can be a treasured piece of artwork in your home. A veil offers many opportunities for creating a beautiful photo with your groom; one that is beyond ordinary!
A_Wedding_Veil_Provides_A_Wow_Factor_For _Photo_With_Groom

And you may want a wedding-day artistic photo. Perhaps something that you can give to your parents and grandparents as their special keepsake of the day their little girl became a bride. Or a treasure to hang in your home or to give to the groom for his office. The photo below shows how art can be created with the bride as the focus. If it weren’t for the veil, the bride would look “lost” in the photo. The veil adds volume and interest and elevates a lovely photo in to a lovely work of art.
A-Wedding_Veil_ Can_Play_a_Big_Part_in_an_Artistic_Wedding_Photo

And even if you are not a princess … you can look and feel like one … in your flowing wedding veil!
A_Wedding_Veil_Can_Make_You_Feel_Like_A Princess


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  • Cisilia Chan

    I wish more brides wouldn’t skip the veils 🙂
    They are a def must have.

    May 23, 2014 at 1:22 pm

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