10 Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing Short Bridesmaid Dresses

There are so many decisions to make when planning your wedding and quite a few of them involve the bridesmaid dresses. You have decisions on the style, the color, the fabric, the price point and …. the length! In a previous post I covered the options for the look of your bridesmaids as a group, so they will create a cohesive appearance as they walk down the aisle, stand with you at the ceremony and appear in your wedding [...]


Bridesmaid Dresses – Eight Awesome Options

Today’s bride has a lot of options when choosing dresses for her bridesmaids; not just for the dress itself, but for the overall look of her bridesmaids as a “group” . . . which is what this blog post is all about! Your bridesmaids will be front and center in your wedding processional, during your vows and in your wedding photos, so their bridesmaid dresses play an important role in the overall look of your wedding décor. It is worth taking [...]

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Colorful Wedding Invitations . . . With Cakes to Match

The wedding invitation you choose will help set the tone for your wedding, so finding the perfect invitation is obviously an important wedding-planning task. And when you find that very special invitation design/color that is just what you have been looking for, chances are that you will also love it interpreted on to your wedding cake. To help you see the possibilities of using your invitation design/color on your wedding cake, I’ve put together a dozen options in a variety [...]