Tips To Wow Your Fiancé’s Family During the Holidays

During the holiday season, you will likely be visiting your fiancé’s family.  Each family situation is different, of course, but if you are going to be spending time with your fiancé’s parents and other family members over the holidays, I want to share a few universal  tips that will help make your visit go smoothly and will let your fiancé’s family know that their son chose the perfect girl!

1. Before You Leave  – My best tip is something you can do before you even get there! Talk with your fiancé beforehand and get the scoop on those who will be at his parent’s home during the festivities … Get details such as their occupations, hobbies, etc.  Ask him to share info about family customs, too.  And find out how people tend to dress at the various events you may be attending, so you can wear something that fits the level of formality. This should go a long way toward lessening your stress level, since knowledge is power!  And …  Find out the gender and ages of children who may be there, so you can bring some little gifts or treats just for them.

2.  When You Arrive – If your travel plans permit, try to walk in with a plate of special treats.  Rather than just making an average impression, why not go the extra mile and wow them! I’m not talking about a simple plate of brownies or even a pecan pie, but rather something that is unusual and unexpected such as the festive treats shown below.

I have links to share for step-by-step instructions for three of my favorite holiday-inspired treats that require little to no cooking … just some assembly. These treats have a bit of whimsy and they will especially appeal to children. They are creative and fun and are sure to generate lots of oohs and aahs. And how could his family not be impressed with your thoughtfulness!

Strawberry Snowmen

Santa and Reindeer Truffles

Melting Snowmen

3.  While You Are There – Some do’s and don’ts ….

DO . . .
∙Ask his mother to show you how to make her son’s favorite recipe.
∙Offer to help with whatever chores are happening at the moment.
∙Join in the conversation.  Ask about their jobs, hobbies, etc.
∙Sit on the floor and play games with the children.
∙Ask for funny stories about your fiancé!

DON’T . . .
∙Over drink or over eat
∙Text while people are carrying on conversations or while at the dinner table.
∙ Bring up controversial topics such as politics.

And a bonus tip … Be sure to send a sincere note of thanks once you get home. Or bring some note cards with you and write the note while you are there and leave it where they will be sure to see it.


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  • Melissa

    This was a great read! I am currently in the process of planning my wedding and luckily my fiance always knew exactly how to treat my family.

    January 26, 2014 at 2:58 pm