Bridesmaids … Same Color – Different Dress

What do you do when you have bridesmaids that are not similar in body type and/or ages and yet you want them to have a cohesive look when they walk down the aisle and in photos?

Have you thought of having your bridesmaids wear the same color but letting them choose the style of the dress? It may be something to consider, especially if you want to make your bridesmaids happy!

In real life we choose dresses that flatter us and that we love; yet in most weddings, bridesmaids are forced to wear dresses that are chosen for them … and enjoy it!

What you can do is select the color and basic parameters, such as length of the dress and fabric but then let each bridesmaids choose a dress she feels good in that fits your guidelines. Or if you want a little more control, you can choose 4 or 5 dresses in a variety of styles and let her select the one she likes the best.

I’ve written this blog post on the premise of your wanting a cohesive look; but there are so many options when it comes to bridesmaids dresses … different colors, different shades of the same color, a variety of fabrics in the same color, etc. But with most of these options, you don’t get a cohesive look.

There are quite a few bridesmaids dress manufacturers that have designed “convertible” bridesmaids dresses in which the same dress can be worn many different ways. Nordstrom has a nice selection of them and it is amazing to see one dress that can be worn so many different ways.
Nordstrom Convertible Bridesmaids’ Dresses

In the photos below, you can see how most all the dresses really work well together. Even though the styles vary, the look is one of a group and not individuals.



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