Four Fab Wedding Colors Paired With Brown

There are several neutral wedding colors that you may want to consider pairing with your main wedding color and I’ve covered Black and also Gray in prior blog posts. In this post I’ll focus on Brown, sometimes called Chocolate. Whether called Brown or Chocolate, it is a somewhat earthy neutral that pairs well with blue, pink, orange and green.

Blue and Brown Wedding Colors –  An icy (or Tiffany) Blue works beautifully with Brown. The contrast in the colors makes the blue pop and creates a very pleasing wedding color palette.Blue_and_Brown_Weddin

Pink and Brown Wedding Colors – If you love pink but your groom thinks it is too girly, he might be more comfortable with a Pink and Brown combination.Pink and Brown Wedding

Orange and Brown Wedding Colors – Orange and Brown is a lovely palette for an autumn wedding. Whereas black with orange can end up being too much like Halloween, the brown pairs perfectly with orange to create a warm-toned  combination.Orange and Brown Wedding Colors

Green and Brown Wedding Colors – Green and Brown can have an earthy, “organic” appeal. It’s an especially good choice for a rustic wedding or woodland theme wedding. It works well with wedding décor that includes moss and natural elements. Green-and-Brown-Wedding-Colors

~Collages created by Sher Silver.

Light Blue From Exclusively Pinterest Board
Pink From Exclusively Weddings Pinterest Board
Green From Exclusively Weddings Pinterest Board
Fall Wedding Ideas Pinterest Board

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