The Groom Surprises His Bride With a Creative Video

You may have noticed that this blog post has a different focus than my usual posts, but I just had to share this incredible video with you! One of the women on my blog team, Caitlin, attended her cousin David’s wedding in Cape Cod recently. And when she came back to the office she shared the amazing video that, David, a professional artist, created and presented as a surprise to his bride and the wedding guests at the reception.

…. 200 Hours … 600+ Drawings … 10 Months …  And you will love it!

If you are even the slightest bit romantic, you will get teary-eyed! After you’ve watched it, read the interview that Caitlin did with David.


Caitlin: What inspired you to create this awesome video?
I knew I wanted to do something for Meghan that she would never expect. It is very difficult to plan surprises for her since we are almost ALWAYS together. In the little amount of time that I could draw without her knowing, I completed a majority of the movie…working 12-14 hours a day on it. I also wanted to play this during the reception to give every friend and family member something unique to remember. Almost all weddings follow a similar routine, but I just wanted to add something that was different, something that I hope everyone will remember.

Caitlin: Tell us about the process you went through to complete the video.
As far as the process goes…I started out by doing a drawing and then using a light table to trace the next image over the previous drawing. I would tweak each image little by little, to give it the “flipbook effect”. I then took photos of every single picture I drew, uploaded them to the computer and dropped them into iMovie (a software for editing movies). I only did about 10 seconds of the movie at a time, to make sure that I was on pace with the song and the lyrics.

Caitlin: How long did it take to complete?
David: This video took me 10 months to complete. I started it December 15 of 2012. The first time I heard this song, I knew I wanted to create a movie to go with the music. At first, I thought of filming the wedding planning process, but I figured Meg would think I was up to something. I thought of the doodle idea because, first, I could do the drawings without her knowing and secondly, the significance behind the doodles. I started out by drawing album art on CD’s that I would burn for her, that turned into me doing little drawings on Post-It notes at work every so often that I would just leave on her desk.

Caitlin: How did you meet Meghan?
Meghan and I met at work (United States Tennis Association). Meghan does play tennis however, that is not the significance behind the opening scene in the movie. It more so represents the fact that the first time I saw her was at work, which happens to be a tennis company. It wasn’t until talking with her a couple of times that I found out she did play tennis.

Caitlin: What is the name of the song? Who is the artist?
David: The artist of the song is Tim McMorris. The name of the song is “Overwhelmed”.

Meghan and David

“It was the most beautiful gift I’ve ever seen. Everyone was sobbing (me included…loudly). The amount of work and love that my cousin had put into this video…is just unique and beautiful. I love my cousin like a brother, we grew up together, saw each other everyday. So, to know that he has found a love like this makes me a very happy ‘sister’. Couldn’t be more proud and happy for him and Meghan.” – Caitlin

Wedding Photos: Joanne Giannetti Photography


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  • Morgan

    Love this story!!! Beautifully done! Her dress is also amazing, any idea where she bought it?

    November 8, 2013 at 10:57 pm