Wedding Shoes – What’s Your Style?

Most women love shoes and it is likely that the most important pair you’ll ever buy will be your wedding shoes. Just as with your wedding dress, your wedding shoes will be a reflection of your own personal style and contribute considerably to the overall look of your complete wedding ensemble.

There was a time when almost all wedding shoes looked pretty much alike. They were white or ivory fabric and usually were simple pumps. Today’s brides wear a wide range of trendy styles and colors. We even see cowboy boots, flip flops and the like, but this post will focus on the more classic wedding shoes. I will cover the other options in a future post. And some brides prefer to wear flats, and I’ll cover that style in a future post, also.

When choosing your special wedding shoes think about the design of your dress, the venue, time of year, etc.  For example, barefoot sandals are perfect for a beach wedding and velvet heels are perfect for a winter wedding … but not vice versa!

The collages below show what a wide range of fabulous styles and colors there are for wedding shoes these days … from lace boots to strappy sandals … from lace Mary Janes to brocade pumps.

And whatever style you choose, make sure they are comfortable!

[Click images for full-size versions.]Wedding Shoes - Bridal Shoes

Bridal Shoes - Wedding Shoes

Red is a power color and if you want to make a statement, red wedding shoes are perfect. Red-Wedding-Shoes

You can’t go wrong using your wedding shoes as your “Something Blue”.
Blue wedding shoes



~Collages created by Sher Silver.

[Click images for full-size versions.]

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