Red Wedding Color – Seven Vibrant Combinations

Red has been a popular wedding color for quite some time. It can be used by itself, of course, but it also pairs well with quite a few other colors. It can take on very different “vibes”, depending on the colors it is combined with. In this blog post I will share seven collages using red combined with other colors.

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Red & Black/White Wedding Colors:
Red combined with Black and White is a classic, sophisticated choice for wedding colors. It really can be used just about any time of year. And it’s a rather easy combination to work with. For example, there are lots of flower choices in red … roses, mums, tulips, and poppies to name a few. I did two collages in this popular combination.

Black-White-and-Red-Wedding-Colors 3

Red and Silver Wedding Colors:
Red and Silver can be a somewhat dressy wedding-color combination. The silver adds elegance and pizzazz. This combination can work just about any time of year and would be especially lovely for an evening, winter wedding.
Red and Silver Wedding Colors

Red and Turquoise Wedding Colors:
Red and Turquoise is another wedding-color combination that works all year long. I’ve seen the turquoise substituted for Christmas green for a more modern look.

Red and Pink Wedding Colors:
Red and Pink is often considered a “girly” wedding-color combination and you really have to be careful with to keep it from looking too much like Valentine’s Day …. unless, of course, that is the look you are going for!

Lavender, Purple and Red Wedding Colors:
Lavender, Purple and Red is another combination of wedding colors that can be a bit “girly”; it just depends on how you use the colors. It can also be sophisticated, with the right touch.

Red, White and Blue Wedding Colors:
Red, White and Blue is often used for military weddings or to honor a bride or groom who is in the military. It also can be a great combination if you want colors that bring in Americana to your wedding décor.
Red-white-and-blue wedding

Red and Green Wedding Colors:
Red and Green are traditional Christmas colors and can be a good choice for a wedding held during the Christmas season. You may want to consider adding a pop of yellow for a unique touch!

You may have noticed that even though the title is “… Seven Vibrant Combinations” that there are actually eight! After I published this post, I had a request from a reader for a Red and Gold collage so I created one and added it here.

Red and Gold Wedding Colors:
Red and Gold is an elegant combination that works well for a semi-formal or formal wedding. It would be especially nice for a winter wedding but can work in other seasons, too.
Red and Gold Wedding Colors

And if you are using red in your wedding colors, you might think about wearing red wedding shoes. There really is nothing like a pop of red with a wedding dress!

~ Collages created by Sher Silver.

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