Five Ways to Use Giant Balloons in Your Wedding Decorations

Balloons! The word can bring up all sorts of memories of days gone by … birthday parties, proms and other festive events! In this blog post the wedding balloon ideas I’ll be sharing are not those that you might remember from childhood birthday parties and high school proms. Instead, I’ll be sharing ways to use giant balloons, which can add a lot of visual appeal to your wedding décor.

I will admit that balloons can at first seem like a tacky addition to add to your wedding décor but keep an open mind. The balloons that we are seeing in today’s weddings aren’t the pear-shaped common variety, but rather, are large, round “statement” balloons that are often decorated with tassels, fringe, etc. They are used at the most elegant of weddings and are really lovely!

Some of the ways you can use giant balloons at your wedding are  ….

  • Ceremony Décor
  • Reception Site Décor
  • Reception Table Décor
  • Dessert Table Décor
  • Props for Wedding Photos

I hope the photos below will help you see all that you can do with balloons!

Ceremony Décor. Adding balloons is a way to infuse the ceremony with your wedding colors. Notice that other decorations are kept to a minimum, in both photos below. The balloons make a strong statement, so other decorations are often not needed.
balloons for ceremony decor

balloons for wedding ceremony

Reception Décor. Balloons are a great addition to your reception décor. The tassels on the balloons and twinkling lights complete the fairytale look.
Balloons in wedding reception decor

Table Décor. Balloons will add a festive air to your tables. You can keep your centerpiece somewhat simple and use the balloons to add tables with balloons

Balloons for table decor

Wedding Dessert Bar/Candy Buffet. Notice how much appeal just a few giant balloons can add.
Balloons dessert table

dessert table with balloons

Wedding Photos. Balloons are a perfect accessory for wedding photos. They can be used for a sunny, fun photo as in this first photo or in a more artistic shot as in the 2nd photo. They make interesting props for bridal party photos, as well.
Bride and groom with balloons

bride and groom with a balloon

Wedding Party with Balloons

You probably noticed that a lot of the photos above show balloons with streamers and/or tassels attached. The added elements create a lot of visual interest to the balloons. If you decide to add streamers and/or tassels to your balloons just make sure that yours aren’t too heavy or they will weigh down the balloons. Below are some photos to give you some ideas for streamers and tassels.
streamers on balloons

Balloon streamers

balloon with garland streamer

Couple with balloon decor

I want to share some links with you where you can get step-by-step instructions on how to DIY balloon streamers/fringe: The Alison Show, Green Wedding Shoes, Glitter Guide

And to see an elegant wedding’s use of balloons, here is a link:
Green Wedding Shoes Wedding

For an elegant tassle/fringe you might want to consider using ribbon.
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