Top 10 Tips for the Perfect Candy Buffet for Your Wedding Reception

In my last blog post I showed you how to create a dessert bar and I thought I’d follow that one up with tips for creating a candy buffet, in case you are trying to decide which one to have at your reception. Of course, some brides have both or combine them, but this post will focus on just the candy buffet.

Top10 tips for creating the perfect candy buffet:

  • Include approximately 7-10 different types of candy.
  • Vary the candy in size and texture.
  • Vary the type of candy such as chocolate, taffy, hard candies, suckers, etc.
  • Use glass containers of different heights and shapes.
  • Go for a big impact with a color theme of 2-3 colors or shades of one color.
  • Add a sign with a saying such as “Love is Sweet”.
  • Have small bags or boxes available so guests can take candy home.
  • Decorate the containers with ribbon and/or tags that identify type of candy.
  • If your reception is outdoors in summer, stay away from candy that melts easily.
  • Be sure to have someone in charge of refilling the containers as they run low.

And a bonus tip from Candy Warehouse: “If you are providing a candy buffet/bar that allows guests to take some candy home with them in the form of a party favor, our general rule of thumb is to account for approximately eight ounces of candy per guest.”

The photos below are examples of how to create a fabulous candy buffet.

The creative sign with coordinating ribbon adds lots of pizzazz!Candy-Buffet-For-Wedding 2

The addition of ribbon dresses up the jars and gives the display a coordinated look. Notice how two of the jars are perched on upside-down vases to give them height!Candy-Buffet-For-Wedding

This table would not be difficult for you to duplicate. It gets its wow-factor from having a lots of choices and sticking with a strong color theme in shades of purple with gold and white accents. Candy-Buffet-For-Wedding 5

This is another display that uses color well. It really has it all… two colors that give drama plus beautiful jars in interesting shapes and in a variety of sizes. The matching sign helps draw the guests to the table.Candy-Buffet-For-Wedding 6

The ombré pink theme is played out in the candy choices. The intense pop of color and coordinating backdrop make for a striking buffet.Candy-Buffet-For-Wedding 10

Here’s a close-up view of some of the candy choices you  might want to consider. Using many shades of one color is one way to create instant drama.
Photo: Candy Warehouse

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Photo Sources: Katelyn James Photography & Jasmine Star Photography, New England Fine Living, Events Beyond, Wedding Bee, The Rose Wedding Photography, Candy Warehouse

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    Beautiful Candy Display. 3rd one was awesome!

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    Great ideas..thank you for sharing

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