How To Create the Perfect Wedding Reception Dessert Bar

Instead of serving just one dessert to your guests, you may want to consider having a dessert buffet or dessert table, which these days most people call a Dessert Bar.

Having a dessert bar is one more way to wow your guests and in most cases this is something you and/or your family and friends can DIY. You can use all store bought desserts, all homemade or a mixture of the two.  How large and elaborate it is can vary considerably and you just need to go with what you are most comfortable with and what is within your wedding budget.

Some ideas to consider:

  • Add ribbon creatively to tie around containers or to drape across the table.
  • Make sure the bowls/platters in the display vary in height.
  • Consider using one or two colors to create a striking, cohesive color palette.
  • Instead of putting your desserts on a table, use a piece of furniture.
  • Incorporate interesting objects as risers for your containers.

Usually the wedding cake is on the same table as the dessert bar and is the “anchor” and centerpiece of the display. In many cases you can get away with a much smaller cake since there are other desserts that your guests can choose. Notice the empty picture frames in the background in the photo below. They are painted to match the color scheme and add visual interest.

The dessert bar below uses an overall black and white palette to create a cohesive look. The black and white ribbon, which is an easy addition, adds pizzazz.
Black-and-White- Dessert-Buffet

One way to add creativity to your dessert bar is to put it on an interesting piece of furniture. With an outdoor wedding you will have nature as your backdrop but consider pom-poms or other décor to tie it all together.Wedding-Dessert-Bar-on-Painted-Cabinet

The unique and fun dessert bar “table” below would work well for a rustic wedding.

This dessert bar uses interesting vintage elements to help achieve the varied heights of the platters.
Brown-Wedding-Dessert Buffet

The dessert bar below has several decorator touches: The desserts are displayed on a vintage dresser, which is decorated with an on-trend fabric. The risers for the platters are simply boxes covered in the same fabric that decorates the dresser. The green, vintage dishes add a special touch, as well. Everything coordinates with the colors of the cake for overall “fabulousness”!
Dessert Bar3

This beautiful arrangement of French macarons is the centerpiece of this vibrant dessert bar. Except for the perfect tablecloth, everything else is kept rather simple, so as not to compete with it.

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