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In honor of Emerald’s selection as the 2013 Pantone Color of the Year, I wanted to give you some ideas for a green-themed wedding. If you are thinking of green as your wedding color, you have a wide range of colors from which to choose. In a recent listing of green colors that was found online, there were 50 different shades of green on the list! I am focusing on five shades here  . . .  From Emerald, which is a blue-green to Chartreuse which is half way between green and yellow. Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute, calls green “a color of growth, renewal, healing, unity and regeneration.”

Please note that I created the collages featured below with basically one color, so that you can get a good idea of how the basic color looks. You will need to pair it with another color so that your wedding won’t be overwhelmed with one particular color. If you are not sure what color or colors to pair it with, you can always use a neutral such as white, ivory, or silver.

Click on the collages to see the full-size versions.

Emerald Green Wedding Color –  When describing Emerald, Pantone calls it, “a lively, radiant, lush green …. ” Emeral Green Color Swatch It can be paired with turquoise, pink, or other shades of green, just to name a few possibilities. Emerald has less yellow and more blue to its tone. For Emerald ideas and inspiration: Emerald Pinterest BoardEmerald Green Wedding Color

Shades of Green Wedding Colors – In this collage I use several tones of green. They are all from the Green Color Swatchsame basic shade of green but in varioius hues; they are mid-tone greens with a minimum of yellow. As shown in the top right-hand photo, you might want to consider having your bridesmaids in the same dress but in different shades of green.

Shades of Green Wedding Colors

Lime Green Wedding Color – Lime is a vibrant green that has more yellow than the other two greens mentioned aboLime Green Color Swatchve. It pairs easily with a variety of other colors such as pink, yellow, and navy. Apple Green is similar to Lime … it is a shade or two lighter and has a little more yellow in it.

Lime Green Wedding Color

Moss Green Wedding Color – Moss is an earthy shade of green that has a lot of yellow in it and is in the sameMoss Green color “family” as olive. If you are having a Woodland Wedding, moss is a great color choice to include. A slightly lighter shade of moss works well with gray as shown in our Green/Gray Collage.

Moss Green Wedding Color Theme

Chartreuse Wedding Color- Chartreuse is a color that is halfway between green and yellow. It is not a colorchartreuse swatch we see too often but it definitely has that “wow” factor!

Chartreuse Wedding Color

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