Wedding Signs

Here comes the brideA fun, new wedding trend is emerging …. wedding signs! It’s the perfect way to add a personal and creative touch to your wedding ceremony and reception. The style of the sign can range from rustic to shabby chic to elegant … from black and white to colorful. And is there anything cuter than a darling little boy or girl carrying a “Here Comes the Bride” sign. As shown in the collage below, signs can take a variety of styles and shapes to fit perfectly with your wedding vision. You can go with your level of formality or totally opposite. As shown in the first photo below, the bride and groom and their little attendants are dressed to the nines but their sign is rustic, which is a contrast that works.

There is no limit to the shapes and styles you can use as shown by the wide variety in the photos below.

Here Comes the Bride

In addition to the “Here Comes the Bride” sign, there are a lot of additional ways to incorporate signs in to your wedding as shown below. Wedding Signs

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Photo Credits: The Etsy links will take you to the pages where the items are sold.
1st Collage: (2) Etsy, (3) Southern Weddings, (5) A Paper Proposal (7) Etsy – 2nd Collage: (1) Etsy, (2) Southern Weddings, (3)Etsy, (4) Etsy, (5) Etsy,
(6) Etsy, (7) Etsy, (8) Etsy

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