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Red-white-and-blue-wedding-cakeFourth of July — a day of celebration — so why not celebrate your wedding on the 4th, too! If you are planning a wedding on the Fourth of July, you may want to think about incorporating a patriotic dessert in to your wedding reception menu. Since your guests may miss their usual July 4th festivities, this will acknowledge the holiday and give your guests the opportunity to celebrate!

You don’t have to have a red, white and blue wedding cake if that is not your style. It’s easy to add a more subtle patriotic treat to your reception menu. One way is to have red-white-blue-decorated cupcakes on your dessert table. Another is to have a patriotic themed festive dessert such as a pie, trifle, etc. Adding fresh strawberries and blueberries to something as simple as vanilla ice cream will give you a festive dessert with ease.

If you want a lot of oohs and ahhs, you can impress your guests with an American Flag Cake that when cut, reveals an American flag in every piece! There are instructions below on how to assemble the American Flag Cake. It can be served at the rehearsal dinner or perhaps used as the groom’s cake. It can also be a wedding cake for a more informal or smaller wedding or an additional wedding cake to your traditional one. Can you imagine your guests surprise when the cake is cut to reveal an American Flag!

A Fourth of July wedding can indeed be especially festive! And if you’re lucky, there will be nearby fireworks for a spectacular end to your big day!

Fourth of July Cupcakes
Starting at the top and then left to right:
Better Homes & Gardens (recipe), Taste of Home (recipe), Sprinkle Bakes (recipe), The Girl Who Ate Everything (recipe), Annie’s Eats, Tidy Mom (recipe)

Fourth of July Desserts
Starting the top and then left to right:
Martha Stewart (recipe), The Secret Life of a Chef’s Wife (recipe), Fancy Frugal Life (recipe), The High Heeled Hostess (recipe), Epicurious (recipe)

And now for the fabulous American Flag Cake!
American Flag Cake

What you need to bake: Red Velvet Cake- 1 (8 inch) and 1 (6 inch) tier White Cake- 1 (8 inch) tier Blue Velvet Cake- 1 (8 inch) tier.

1.  You will torte (basically cut in half lengthwise) all of these cakes EXCEPT THE VELVET BLUE CAKE, so 3 tiers total.  For detailed instructions on how to torte and level cakes, see Crumb Coat/Fondant Video Tutorial Part 1.

2.  You will need to cut out a 4 inch circle as a guide, place it on one of the 6 inch red velvet cake layers, and cut the cake down to a 4 inch circle. You will follow this step for 1 of the white cake layers.

3. You will follow step #2 for the velvet blue cake tier (remember that we did not torte this tier) except instead of pulling away the outer ring, you will pull out the middle circle so it is a hollow ring.

4.  At this point you should have: 2 (8 inch) and 1 (4 inch) red velvet cake layers, 1 (8 inch) and 1 (4 inch) white cake layer, and 1 hollow (8 inch) blue velvet cake layer that is twice the thickness of the other layers.

5.  Place an 8 inch red velvet layer on your plate.  Frost the top of the layer, place an 8 inch white cake layer on top, frost that, place a red velvet layer on top of that and frost the top.

6.  Place the Blue cake layer on top of the cake.  Then frost the 4 inch white cake layer and lower it into the middle of the blue velvet layer.

7.  Lower the 4 inch red velvet layer onto the top of the white layer in the blue velvet circle.

8.  Crumb coat the cake. Here’s a video on how to do that! Crumb Coat Video

Extra tips: chilling the layers will help prevent messy crumbs and hold the whole thing together better.  You might also want to coat the inside of the hollowed out blue velvet circle layer to better hold the inner stripe layers to the outer blue cake after its cut.

Cutting the Cake:

1.  CHILL THE CAKE!  As long as you put a good coating of buttercream/frosting on it the cake should not dry out.

2.  Use hot water and a hot clean knife. Between slices, clean the knife and slip it down into very hot water.

3.  Make sure the knife is completely dry after dipping it in the hot water.

Thanks so much to Kathryn of The Sugar Turntable blog for giving us permission to use her photos and instructions for this cake. All photos in the collage and instructions are from her blog.

Cake from Glorious Treats

For another set of instructions on how to make this spectacular cake:
Glorious Treats

Also, instructions from 17 and Baking.

Note: All three recipes vary slightly but end up with basically the same result.

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