Aisle Markers for Your Wedding Ceremony

Aisle MarkerAs your guests arrive at your ceremony and before they take their seats, they will likely survey the space and get their first glimpse of all your efforts to make the scene memorable and reflective of all the wedding festivities to come.

One way to make the scene a “wow” is to use aisle markers. Back in the day, pews/aisles were only marked with a big satin bow with perhaps some tulle accents. Today, creative brides are using Mason jar vases, fabulous flowers, sprigs of rosemary, lanterns, pom-poms, and even pinwheels.

For outdoor ceremonies, floral pompadours hanging from shepherd hooks look great and you can even use complementary fabric to “tie” the aisles together for a really fabulous look, as shown in several of the photos below. If you enjoy DIY projects, you can make floral pompadours by simply attaching flowers to round styrofoam balls.

Another easy DIY project can produce festive tissue-paper pom-poms. And you can decorate colorful paper lanterns with satin ribbon, seen in the last collage, to make them extra special.

Just about anything goes when it comes to aisle markers. They just need to coordinate with your wedding theme and level of formality.

From one extreme to the other!

Aisle Markers 1

Aisle Markers 2

Aisle Markers 3

If you want to DIY pom-pom aisle markers, an earlier post in our blog has instructions:
How to Make Tissue Paper Pom-Poms. Packs of tissue paper in a choice of over 20 colors can be purchased at Exclusively Weddings: Tissue Paper

We also have paper lanterns in 8″ or 12″ diameter sizes and in 9 colors:
Paper Lanterns

For even more ideas, see our Pinterest Aisle Markers board.

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