Milk and Cookies for Your Wedding Reception

Milk and CookiesYour wedding reception guests have been treated to a fabulous evening. The food and drinks were perfection. Now it is almost time for everyone to go home and they need a special treat before departing. So, what do you give them …. How about Milk and Cookies!

Milk and cookies are “on trend” for weddings and are perfect for the more casual weddings that are so popular. But don’t rule this treat out for more formal affairs! Milk and cookies can be an elegant wedding reception food when the milk is served in stemware or in shooter-sized glasses. And when on a silver platter served by gloved waiters, this yummy snack is taken to a new level!

The perfect comfort food, milk and cookies will send your guests on their way home with a feeling of well being and maybe they will even have sweet dreams about the beautiful bride, the handsome groom and the lovely wedding they attended!
Cookies and Milk

Milk and Cookies 2

Milk and Cookies 3

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Instructions for adding sprinkles as shown in the photo above:
Mixing Bowl Kids
“Using two plates, place a few tablespoons of agave nectar or honey on one and coloured sprinkles on the other. Dip the rim of the glass into the honey, allowing the excess to drip off before dipping the rim into the sprinkles. Leave the glasses upside down and allow the sprinkles to adhere before turning the cups right side up (or the sprinkles will run down the side of the glass). Make your favourite chocolate chip cookie recipe and shape some of the dough into small balls, approximately 1″ in size. Place a lollipop stick in the middle of the dough ball and press down to ensure the stick is covered by dough on all sides. Bake as per your cookie recipe. Fill the glasses with milk and rest a cookie garnish on the rim of the glass.”

Photo Credits: Audrey Magazine, Belle the Magazine, Snapari, A Thoughtful Place, Style Me Pretty, A Bloom Affair, One Charming Party

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