How to Use Mason Jars at Your Wedding

Mason Jar CandleAccording to the Ball Corporation, Jason L. Mason invented and patented Mason jars in 1858. Through all these years they have been used primarily for canning and preserving food, though other uses have evolved, as well. Made of soda-lime glass their variety of sizes ranging from cup to half-gallon makes them especially versatile for DIY projects.

They have become popular in our homes as vases, planters, pencil holders, and the like. But an unexpected use of the Mason jar has become a huge trend … Mason jars in wedding decorations. The popularity of rustic and country chic weddings has likely contributed to the Mason jar’s wedding appeal.

They make the perfect holder for wedding reception beverages. Choosing a colorful beverage and adding a coordinating straw makes for a tempting drink. They are especially useful for holding flowers for general décor, centerpieces and pew markers. For an evening wedding, you can create amazing ambience by using Mason jars to hold candles. Stringing and hanging them creates a magical scene. And your dinner and buffet tables will glow when filled with candles in Mason jars.

If you like the idea of using Mason jars in your wedding décor but need step-by-step instructions, here are three links that may be helpful. There is a tutorial on how to paint Mason jars and wire them to hang, as well as other creative projects for your wedding and for your home: Tatertots and Jello, HomeDIT, and Oh Lovely Day. Instructions for making the doily candles shown in the last collage can be found at Crafts by Amanda.

We have three Pinterest boards for Mason jars, too: Mason Jars for Wedding Decor, Mason Jars – Beverages, Mason Jars – Food.

I hope the photo collages below will inspire you to consider Mason jars for your own wedding décor.

Beverages in Mason Jars

Flowers in Mason Jars

Candles in Mason Jars

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