Ten Must-Have Wedding Tips for the Bride

BrideWhen planning a wedding, sometimes it’s the little things that cause us to be stressed out. By using our tips, you can remove a lot of potentially stressful situations while creating your wedding and on the wedding day itself.

We hope you will find these tips to be practical and useful.

1.  Try on your bridal shoes well in advance, walking and standing in them often for several days before the wedding. [If you wear them for the first time on your wedding day, you will likely have to apologize to your feet!)

2.  When  you choose the garter that you’ll slip beneath your gown, buy one to wear (and to be your keepsake) and one to toss to all the eligible bachelors at the reception. [You don’t want to spend $35+ for a gorgeous silk heirloom garter only to have it thrown around the reception site and “abused” by the groomsman who catches it! And you’ll love having your heirloom garter as a keepsake and perhaps to pass down to your own daughter or future daughter-in-law.]

3.  When choosing your bridal jewelry, try on earrings, necklaces and bracelets with your gown far in advance of the wedding date. [You don’t want to discover at the last minute that your dangling earrings are catching on the lace of your wedding veil.]

4.  Your wedding headpiece and jewelry should complement your hairstyle. Take them when you visit your hairstylist for a pre-wedding consultation, so that they work in perfect harmony. [Waiting for the big day to plan your total look is just looking for trouble!]

5.  Wear the exact undergarments and shoes that you plan to wear on your wedding day for every gown fitting. [That way, you and your seamstress will see the “total picture” right from the start and your seamstress will be less likely to have to take valuable time to re-do.]

6.  If your favorite shoe style looks great with your gown but won’t be comfortable after many hours on your feet at the reception, consider buying a pair of reception slippers so that tired feet will still be able to dance the night away. [You don’t want to spend the evening with sore feet or the honeymoon soaking them! A pair of comfy reception slippers help you avoid any “foot issues”.]

7.  Prepare a checklist of everything you need to transport to the ceremony site and give it to your maid of honor for safekeeping and easy reference. [At my own wedding, I forgot my wedding shoes! With little time to spare, the best man raced to my home to retrieve them. STRESSFUL… yes! With a little planning, this can be avoided!]

8.  Have your floral designer create a special “toss” bouquet, so you’ll still have  your actual bouquet to preserve. [Having your bouquet to preserve or even to take with you as you leave the reception can be a reality, if you have a separate, small bouquet to throw to your girls.]

9.  Don’t forget an elegant handkerchief for the tears of joy you will likely shed on the big day. [A beautiful monogrammed keepsake hanky will not only look lovely, but it will prevent a make-up disaster by being available for you to dab your tears. Don’t trust this task to a paper tissue!]

10. Have a close friend or relative, who is not already involved in the wedding, available to help the photographer. Create a list of special people and decor you would like photographed, and make sure the photographer and your helper both have access to it. [There is hardly anything worse than your photographer’s missing once-in-a-lifetime photos of special people or your decor. A friend recently told me that her photographer didn’t take any photos of her custom-designed rustic wedding decor including moss-filled topiaries, unique table settings, creative floral arrangements, etc.  Prepare a list and be sure a trusted friend or relative makes certain your photographer follows it.]

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  • Caryl Anne

    Great advice tips! These will definitely help save any bride time, money, and stress later on! Thanks for sharing!

    April 30, 2014 at 2:45 pm
  • Laura Caitlyn Paules


    July 7, 2014 at 5:55 pm