Rustic Wedding – Is This Style For You?

Rustic Wedding 6For the bride and groom who just cannot picture themselves having a formal wedding or even a semi-formal affair, the Rustic Wedding, also called Country Chic, is an option that might fit perfectly.

There are several ways to give a wedding the natural, rustic feel but the choice of venue is most important and will set the tone for the entire event. It would be somewhat futile to try to pull off a rustic wedding/reception inside a grand ballroom,  even if the decorations were considered rustic. But lots of other venues will work just fine. Once you have the location chosen, the fun part is choosing  the decorations and accessories.

Elements of design that help make the wedding rustic include the, bride’s and attendants’ bouquets, aisle markers, ceremony chairs, wedding cake, buffet tables, centerpieces, menu, glassware, tableware, dining tables and chairs, flowers, and table decorations. Each of these elements plays a role in making the wedding rustic.

Rustic weddings often include pom poms, lanterns, twinkling lights, and wildflowers. In addition, the Mason jar is an item that is perfect for rustic weddings. This handy little jar has a myriad of uses including holding such varied items as beverages, flowers and votive candles.

Even though the rustic wedding may be somewhat more casual than other wedding styles, it still offers many opportunities for it to be beautifully created. I have chosen some photos from our Pinterest Rustic Wedding Board, to give you some ideas of how to make your own rustic wedding spectacular! Check out our Pinterest Boards for lots of photos to inspire you!

Rustic Wedding 1

Rustic Wedding 2

Aisle FlowersRustic Wedding 3

Rustic Wedding 4

Rustic Wedding 5

Country Chic Wedding

Country Chic Collage:  Jamie Delaine, iStockphoto, Pinterest, Creative Reveries, Spotlight, Elizabeth Lloyd Photographer, Petite Reve Chocolates, MyKreations

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