The Top Two Wedding Invitation Wording Mistakes

Wedding InvitationI was recently asked what the top two invitation wording mistakes are that I see most often. I didn’t have to think very long to come up with an answer!

And … I recently received a wedding invitation that had both in the same invitation!

The first one that quickly caught my eye was on the “request line” …  and I see this one a lot. As most people know, there are two choices for the “request line” wording: honour of your presence and pleasure of your company. Most people think these two phrases are interchangeable. However, if one is going for “proper”, then honour of your presence is chosen when the wedding is held in a house of worship and pleasure of your company, when it is held at a hotel, beach, country club, and the like.

Another common mistake I see often is putting “and” on a line by itself to join two names other than the bride’s and groom’s. It is best to reserve the use of a “joining word” (“and” or “to”) on a line by itself for the bride’s and groom’s names. This allows their names to stand out when one first glances at the invitation.

When both sets of parents are hosting, if you wish to include “and” after the bride’s parent’s names, the best solution is to add it on the same line as the groom’s parent’s names. Or it can be omitted entirely.

I have included an example for you below showing how the wording would look when both parents are hosting. In this case, where both sets of parents’ names are on the invitation, the bride’s last name is also used. Notice that the bride’s and groom’s names stand out because they are the only names on the invitation that have the joining word (“and” or “to”) on a line by itself.Wedding Invitation

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