Wedding Cupcakes and Mini Wedding Cakes

Ruffle FlowerYum, yum! For a dessert that is both pleasing to the eye and to the palate, we can always count on cake.  And the Queen of all cakes is surely …. The Wedding Cake!

Having a special dessert at a wedding has been a tradition for centuries. The wedding cake’s history is generally reported to have started long ago in the Roman Empire. The early cake was a flour-based sweet, which evolved in to the Bride’s Pie. It wasn’t until the early 19th century that the Wedding Cake replaced the Bride’s Pie and it wasn’t long before the wedding cake started to resemble the dazzling creations we see today.

And the wedding cake is still evolving! There was a time not long ago when just one, traditional wedding cake was the only option. Now there are two more options: Wedding Cupcakes and Mini Wedding Cakes.

Even though cupcakes and mini cakes are small, if your choice is something  elaborate and detailed, you probably won’t see a savings in the preparation cost.  You will likely save on the cutting fee that some reception venues charge, though. When the wedding cake is not purchased from your reception venue, a fee of around $1.50 per person is typically charged to cut and serve the cake, which, of course, won’t be necessary with individual cupcakes and mini cakes.

While one big cake can be a “wow”, there is no lack of wow factor for the other choices either. There are many creative ways to decorate cupcakes and mini cakes to create a spectacular presentation! One trend is to have a small cake on top of a tiered stand, which is filled with cupcakes or mini cakes. The result can really make quite a statement and will be memorable for your guests.

Since the cutting of the cake is the first act that the bride and groom do together as husband and wife and is such a lovely tradition, having a small, single-tier cake decorated in the style of the cupcakes or mini cakes will allow you to still enjoy this special custom.

To give you lots of inspiration and ideas, we have pinned over 200 photos of wedding cupcakes and mini wedding cakes that you can view and enjoy on two of our Pinterest boards:
Wedding Cupcakes Pinterest Board
and Mini Wedding Cakes Pinterest Board

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The photos below show how creative you can be with the design of wedding cupcakes and mini cakes themselves as well as display ideas. We hope you’ll get some inspiration for your own spectacular wedding dessert!
Photos from Cotton&Crumbs; used with permission.
Wedding Cupcakes

Cupcakes in Bloom

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